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We are a fully bilingual team working in Mexico City and California.

We have developed socially sensible contents and strategies for a wide array clients  including some Fortune 500 companies, as well as, active binational causes.



+7 MILLION VIEWERS in cinemas, video-streaming, TV and learning platforms.
+600 HOURS of online content.
+20 CALL TO ACTION websites designed including 2 editorial niche news outlets.

+15 CAMPAIGNS on TV, print and paid digital media.

Satya is a Sanskrit word that means Truth.

Create value for all and communicate your impact truthfully  

That is the #1 quality for any brand in the pursuit

of becoming socially relevant.

Hari Portrait.png

Project Head and General Manager

Hari Camino

Narrative coach, award-winning media expert, has produced contents and researched strategies & audience behavior in various countries

Imagen 1.png

Social Marketing and Communication Consultant

Mauricio Guerrero

With over 20 years of experience working with NGOs and Corporations alike. Mauricio is one of the most respected voices in Philanthropy in Mexico


Associate Producer

Josafat Delgado

Intrepid and socially sensible, digital journalist with a huge smile


Health Literacy Consultant

Russell Bennett

Senior executive with over 30 years experience in the Health and Insurance industries in Southern California 

Foto Angeles.jpeg

Wellness Leader & Writer

Ángeles De Gyves

Experienced and passionate wellness leader, WEF  "Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All" 2020 award-winner


Copy writer

Alejandra Medellín

Passionate about environmental issues and good editorial crafting, Alejandra has the social sensibility: our team's currency.

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