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Our Impact in Mexico

What to do when your child  is sick?

Book & Training programmes

Through our Health Literacy Campaign supporting the ISSEMYM (the third largest health institution in Mexico) we delivered empowering materials that will make a difference in the lifes of an estimated population of 60,000 parents and their children.


In partnership with: 

  • 15,000 books published

  • 300 Trainings

  • Collateral supporting materials

  • Impact Evaluation

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Delivering a powerful unity message in times of uncertainty was crucial to keep spirits up bringing runners in! At a historical event, the first national race joining together 240,000 people from all major cities.


Erika Quevedo


Former General Manager

Thank you for bringing to life our Movement for a Healthier Life corporate message regarding the crucial current affairs of Diabetes and Obesity. We promote healthier life styles and Satya helped us create a true social impact.

Ofelia Aguirre

BANSEFI - World Bank

Former CMO

With the Satya team, we have achieved historic success by bridging the technological gap and financial education to people needing it more, with face-to-face activities and digital contents.

After creating the first successful financial inclusion on-line community in spanish, The World Bank funded us to reach 2 million individuals living at the bottom of the pyrarmid across Latin America.

  • 80 training videos in 3 online platforms

  • 2 Face-to-face national caravans

  • 80,000 educational booklets distributed


Mobile Money for the traditional retail channel

The mobile App Ezuza trusted us the graphic design and product marketing of a revolutionary service geared towards the bottom of the pyramid with huge impact in Central Mexico. Bringing  in the technological side of financial inclusion to Mom & Pap´s traditional retail channel.

EZUZA composite.jpg

Nestlé for Healthier Children program development "Nutrir"

Nestlé trusted us the visual impact-evaluation of a pilot program that became their flagship national initiative “Nestlé por Niños Saludables (Nestlé for Healthy Children)” Which has served more than 9,000 schools and 4 million boys and girls over time.

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