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Website design

Whether you need a petition cause site with blogging capabilities or an e-learning platform site, we design it for you. Or, if you already have a digital team but need guidance and content direction to make the website purposeful and real, Satya Studio can step in and get it done.

What we deliver

  • Content architecture

  • Intuitive call-to-action websites

  • Effective landing pages.

  • Multimedia production

  • Lead generation strategies

  • Survey and consumer insights


Legacy Books 

We craft your memoirs into a captivating story.  


Personal and/or company values deserve to be communicated for future generations or part of this heritage will be lost if not documented in an easy to understand visual format for all ages.

Mockup libro.png

What we deliver

  • Research and archive handling

  • Narrative coaching and storytelling

  • Superb design and infographics

  • Printing supervision

Sustainability Reporting

We are here to create the most powerful success cases reports and rigorous information retrieval.

More than 80% of reports are forgotten when you need to achieve a substantial impact to your stakeholders and fulfill your organization's mandate for accountability our proven formats are the ideal vehicle.


What we deliver

  • Professional photo shoot

  • Data analysis

  • Journalistic interviews

  • Research and impact evaluation

  • Copywriting


Blogs + Vlogs

No digital content marketing strategy turns real until you have a Blog/Vlog nesting all pieces together. Our team produces themed content and culturally relevant adaptations based on insights. Imagery, texts, headings and a streamlined for social media at very competitive prices

What we deliver

  • Content architecture

  • Copywriting and research

  • Effective data visualization

  • Multimedia production

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